Trade Wars 2002 Information

  1. Citadels earn interest at 2% per day. Select one of your safest planets furthest back in your tunnel to be your bank.
  2. As soon as possible, Always keep 500,000 credits in the Galatic Bank. After the game starts to roll, you won't miss that 500k, but if you are podded, and can not make it back to your home sector safely, dropping in to stardock to get a ship with transwarp will be extremely useful.
  3. Using the 'O' Option, you can see how many days it takes to construct each type of port, and you can figure out which type of port was build by checking to see how many days it took to construct through the logs.
  4. Have a Red and Blue each lay personal figs in a sector, and attack each others figs to raise alignment. Does not work with corp figs.
  5. Find all choke points (bubble entrances), and control them with 1k figs each.
  6. Keep a field of planets to know when people are making planets (by planet number).
  7. Put the planet number in the title for easy landing.
  8. Day One Activities - Orion

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