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The Burninators


  • Crosby

  • Following found at: ----------- Players Data Base by Epicenterby EleqTrizi'T in May 17th, 2001 No Comment@ Indicates Member first winning B.O.T.E. team on Azi. !!! Indicates BadHouse Member. & Indicates Member Puppet Masters. $$ Indicates Member VIRII Aces High Acid. I’ve known Acid for a bit now and would corp with her anytime. Photon Queen! & Adomma. Good player Red or Blue. Angel EvilBabe Very fine player. !!! Animal & Appleseed ???????? AstroCreep A fine player. Atog Babsy# BadGirl / Sterling Babsy is a fine blue player, and works well in any corp situation. Her US Open tournament is a much anticipated event in the TW world. Badkarma Newbie Barnhill Barney is a fun player that plays both ways with ease. Blackhawk Great player. Fell in with some bad players? Black Slayer Great Player. Blaubert Blue Dolphin Plays at Annex Brenna Annex Budweiser # Sysop Outlaw BBS. Fine player. An evil that anyone would be glad to have on the corp. @Red Butch Roland Pretty good player in Colorado. Caliber Widows Eve Annex Caxis Seems to of been pretty good once, not sure how good though? Hasn’t finished a game is awhile. Chimera ???????????????????????? Cinderella annex player Cowboy –{ Cowboy }– Not really sure of Cowboy’s over all abilities. Worth corping with. Cracker Lives in Hawaii Cruncher # Great blue player. Must be doing something right, Maverick and Rip Claw use her all the time. Makes top $$$ as an Evil @Red Dark Hawk Ima Newbie Does pretty well himself as a controller of a game. Not sure on his building side. Well worth letting on your corp. You keep the money flowing and he’ll keep the body bags going. Has Fed Comm down. $$ deSade Played at Dragon Lord Great player. Don’t expect to kill this guy in a game. Master of the game 100%. Not only is he an impossible kill, he’ll have you throwing IC after IC at a door you just can’t get into. Ebola Great script writer. Big Mud player now. Loved putting “sector 6000? in the logs and on Fed Comm. A little bit of make-up and it’s Data from Star Trek. Eleqtrizi’T # Fine player. Creator of The Home Sector Web Page and Sysop of DE! Captain. Elminster Played at Evolution El Nani / Chains EvilDog / JR Ewing This guy could seriously give hELLCAT, Eleqtrizi’T and Dark Hawk killing lessons. This guy was the TRUE Bad Boy of TW. Lighting fast. mean as a snake. Fearless dive bomber. This guy was a Terror in a Scout! !!! Emily Plays at annex Epicenter Kumarbi King of smack. “Something has to be said about a guy that talks smack day one and is still a factor at the end of the game“. Gypsy !!! Final Darkness Pain in the ass! Gadaki Weak. Can’t read D-Scanner still. Galactic Overlord Gambit ??????????????????????*** ????????????????????????? gOgO Jack Hunter. Hands down the best female player to play Trade Wars. Also goes by Taylor. Fast and crafty. Smart player. Quick in a pinch. goingMad Grazhoppa Green Eyes Annex player Green Eyes Edenbbs Female Grey Wolf Long time since I’ve seen him. Gualala Butch Roland’s brother. Guardian Guardian is a fine player showing a lot of us his worth each tournament. Gypsy # War Room. I don’t think anybody can argue with me on this one. Master Player. I’ll corp with this guy any day of the week. Hekate I have played on a corp with her and against her. I believe she’s a solid 3++ stars and worthy of a seat on any good corp in the game. Solid player blue or red. lacks blue stars because she does get killed by better players. hELLCAT Going to have to be serious here. He’s fast as hell! I think Hellcat has taken a break from TW or Retired? I always had fun when this guy is around.. $$ Hempster Hizzoner Evil Prick Great player. Strong evil. Hosem # Anthrax If you don’t know this guy, you’ve missed one! One of the best players to date. ” I’ve heard more scary stories about Hosem then any other player“ Barnhill @Blue Captain Indigo Pisses you off! And loves it Dear friend of mine. Jackal Good for a corp. Blue Player … can play red too. Great Planet farmer. Stock piles well. Grunt, will remain Fed safe forever! Jennifer This girl could kill well. Kaus Kaus has come out of retirement. Kavanagh Great farmer. Blue player Krank Red or Blue. Koky First player to introduce me to SDT. summer ‘96 Long before most heard of it. Kurt’s Spirit ??????????????????????? Kyp Durron Great goodie. works evil well too. Lady Hawk Lancez Jack in zee Box. Serious as a heart attack. Gives 200% every day. Great to corp with. very well rounded player. Put him in an ISS and watch him kill everything that moves. !!! Lardog Pretty good player. Says he don’t use a helper???? !!! Last Starfighter Not a bad player. Kind of a lame person. Link Listener Crash7 First player to talk to me or corp with me. Yes… it’s true there is someone that dies more often then Space Ghost, and Crash7 is he, heh. Little Joe Newbie? Little Pagen Pagen Red or Blue. Likes Red. Lord Chaos Great Evil money maker. Great addition to any corp. Black Knight. Lord Talon Lorna ???????????????????????? Luke Skywalker Dark Knight Macahan Average player. @Blue SWATH Rate???????? Maelene DE! Retaliator’s wife. Mana Knight ???? little help here. Marcus3 Played on Mariah Use to Op Evolution when it was Nexus Master Pee Wicked One Solid evil money maker. Maverick His evil abilities are legendary. @Red Medusa boo inc, blue. Mega Hertz Good player. great corp mate. Michael Holmes Very fine player played on Annex and MPB I believe. Mike ????? Misanthrope Known as Helios once. Can make great evil money. Seems to play only blue any more. Mistress Saint Older then she says. Mojoe Scarecrow Solid money making evil. Fellow corp mate. Worth corping with. Mojoe will play which ever way he needs to. He has no arguments about kicking all his cash to the goods. Molder Monday Rorschach Not much really needs to be said here. @Blue Nazwes Chaiwind Night Stalker Pretty good player. Can be busy with military activities. & Nik He asked for one star. Omicron Great money maker. Grunt. Annex Mud player now. Orden Twgs player? Peacemaker Peacemakers is a fine player that always plays evil. Great corp mate. worth having on the team. Peacemaker is a money maker. Not an easy kill. Peyote Fire Walker average. Pliscon Lives in Hawaii. Plays both ways. Prestone Professor Chaos Whining grunt. Quits all games. One of the greatest W.O.W. players Rawhead Rex Fun player to have around. Likes Corbs! Renegade Pretty good player. Knows the game very well and plays Red or Blue! Retaliator Great Player. Pulls his weight all the way. Great corpie fun player to have in the game with you or against you. Malene’s husband Raisa Reza This player is getting 4 *’s just on rep alone. She’s a fine corpie to have on your corp. I do not know her. Only of her. Rip Claw Red Skull Great evil money maker. Gets 4 *s just for his evil money making abilities. Don’t be fooled. Rip is a fine player anyone should be happy to have on the squad. Knocks down the credits like Mav. I rate Rip a solid 4.25/4.50 player! Rolodex Fine player making his way back. $$ Romanov 7-up Rom has been MIA for a long time now. Saint Talks big that he’ll kill you. But don’t they all? Saint You can’t Beat Eleqtrizi’T. Sean Scorch Not sure on Scorches playing yet. Shadow Elmister’s wife Shadow Player that lives in Huntington beach. Shadowen Good friend. Tends to waste turns and invade without asking. But he’ll give you a good days run everyday. Real lucky at finding enemy bases. !!! Shark EvilDude Great player and good friend of mine. We’ve never lost a game we’ve corped in that he played seriously! Writer of Tw_ats best TW helper out. !!! Shell Silent Storm Sillk &Blue Acid’s brother Ian. Slowburn One of the best script writers I’ve seen. Can you take down 3 Maxed ISS’ in an IC all at once. This guy did! Sonic Boom ???????????????????????? Soylent Green I’m not sure about Soy’s history. But he did a great job in the only game we’ve corped in. Space Ghost# Sysop The Ghost with the most. SG tends to not know where he’s going to land before he leaps. “this guy dies more then Kenny on South Park” Guardian. Worth corping with . Good friend of mine. Captain “Boo inc” Speed Spiritwolf dies a lot Starr Mega Hertz’s Daughter. Still says I’m going bald! Yeah right! Steel Rat Jimmy DeGriz Stein One of the SWATH authors. Stryder Gance Lives in East St. Louis Mo. Superman Tapan Taipan The Founder TheGuru Solid money maker. Asset to any corp. Thorn This guy is a terror period! !!! Timberwolf Sysop Twgs?????? Time band Trained Hosem. ” The best ever to play the game” Gypsy. Need I say more? Tweety Not sure, Newbie? Underwood, Doug Author of Twar-Dos and Twar-win. I’d like to buy Twar-win from Doug, anyone know how to get a hold of him? Uzi War Mammoth Burned figs too much. Whiskey Kewl player. White Knight Great Blue player. Trained players like, Darkhawk, And Angel. Wire Dog Cheater. Rippers BBS 01/01/98 game. EDITED figs and money. Wit Trix with Breath Also Lives in Hawaii. Good or Evil. Wookie WOLF Cheater! Use to own and Sysop Pac Rim. Used Havoc bug Edenbbs June ‘96. This guy is the reason BBS’ don’t let you use all globles from within the game. Cheats at Mud too I’ve been told. Xerces Zarathos Zep Bay area player. Blue Zoobar Agent Orange Fine player knows the game well. Bad News in an ISS! Deadly in a solo situation. I’ll be adding players as I think of them.

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